The Artist

I, Barbara Ehle, creator of Beach Beauties, am a self-taught crafter with a passion for nature, color, and letting my imagination take me for a ride.

I moved to Cape Cod in the early 1970's and immediately fell in love with the beauty of its spectacular landscape, the most captivating, its beaches. My beach combing began with searching for the most perfect shells and sea glass. I soon discovered the beauty of shell pieces and other less than whole treasures. With each piece I collect, I give thanks to the ocean and Mother Nature for its wonder. The color and shapes of each shell, the pitted finish of each piece of glass, the bleached out grain and knots of each piece of driftwood have become the inspiration for my Beach Beauties creations.

Eight years ago, I became fascinated with using wire to string my treasures together. I began twisting and swirling the wire, incorporating shells, glass, beads and driftwood, hence discovering my love for the organic creations that emerged. I have no idea how each piece will become a finished creation, for they have a life of their own. That, to me, is the wonder of my craft.

I feel the need to love each creation I offer to my customers or I will not put it out to sell. This love of combining the natural world with swirling wire is my passion and I plan to continue creating for a long time to come.